Author: Robert Gray

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Everyone knows that technology moves so quickly that it’s hard to keep up to date on what trends are happening at any given moment. What might not be so obvious is the impact that not knowing what’s “trendy” can have on your website’s performance. The experts at CID are here to keep you educated:
  • Extremely Legible Typography
    • A frequently overlooked aspect of design, Typography is defined as the “style and appearance of printed matter”. In the application of Web Design, Typography can be used for everything from defining a brand’s aesthetic to creating a more visually stunning landing page. In most recent past, the Typography trend that swept the web was the “tiny text”. You might remember seeing sites with small, almost illegible type, playing with the negative space and background. Quite adversely, this year is all about bold custom text, dramatic headers, and impacting content blocks, allowing your message to stand out.
  • Increased Breathing Room
    • When putting the building blocks in place for a website’s design, make sure to pad them with lots of negative space. The goal here is to allow your Typography and other design aspects really shine. By giving the design qualities and content blocks room to breathe, you allow the user focus to remain on the path you’ve charted for them.
  • Make Mobile Your Top Priority
    • As recently as a year or two ago, having a site that was mobile responsive was a benefit, but not a requirement. In 2017, mobile should be top of your list. Recent studies show that 68% of Americans browse the internet most accessibly from their mobile device. That number is even higher in the international market. These stats mean one thing: Mobile Responsiveness is mandatory to your internet success. While shrinking navigation and compressing design is important for functionality, going even deeper with mobile friendly design strategies will increase your conversions and help grow your business!